Terms and conditions


Arrival and departure times

Arrivals : from 2 pm to 9 pm (14:00 - 21:00) depending on client arrivals.
Departures :  from 8:30 am until noon (08:30 - 12:00).
Front desk (reception) opening hours

The front desk is open from 8:30 am until 1 pm (08:30 - 13:00)
and from 6 pm to 9 pm (18:00 - 21:00).

Arrival outside of front desk opening times

If the client's arrival is expected to take place during a time frame that is NOT within the front desk's opening times indicated above, the client has to anticipate it and to inform the Villa RG's hotel staff about it in advance.

In order to do so, he/she is advised to use the "Special Requests" field in the booking form to include the arrival time information in it, or to send an e-mail about it to Villa RG's staff directly.

After establishing contact with the Villa RG's staff, the client can receive a personalised code for the entrance door that will be valid during his/her stay at the Villa RG hotel, and another code for a little safe located at the entrance of his/her room, that will allow him/her to get the key to the room he/she booked.

Client identification

The client is expected to provide a valid Photo ID (passport or European identity card) and a valid credit card as he/she proceeds to check in at the Villa RG hotel's front desk.

Conditions for special requests

Please note that many special requests can be fulfilled, but only if Villa RG staff members consider them as feasible. These requests could also justify additional fees.

Luggage storage

A luggage storage room can be available inside the hotel.


We regret to inform you that pets are not allowed inside the Villa RG hotel.


Room Service
Wine Bar (with a selection of red, white, Spanish & French rosé wines)
Breakfast can be served to every room's terrace between 08:30 am and 11:30 am.


The outdoor pool is heated but not guarded.
It is however accessible between 9 am and 10 pm (09:00 - 22:00).
Massage service can be a supplement.


Airport shuttle (as a supplement)
Shuttle service (as a supplement)
Car Rental (as a supplement).
The client is advised to contact Villa RG's staff directly and in advance in order to plan airport transfers.


Room cleaning service is planned on every weekday from 9 am to 2 pm (09:00 - 14:00).
Towels are replaced on a daily basis, upon client request.
Bed sheets are replaced once a week, upon client request.

Laundry/launderette service comes as a supplement.
Dry cleaning service comes as a supplement.
Ironing service comes as a supplement.
Cleaning service is planned on a daily basis and bed sheets can be replaced upon client request.

An ironing board and a flatiron can be requested from the hotel's front desk.


A Wi-Fi connection is available for free within the hotel's perimeter.


The hotel does not provide parking spaces.



The Visa, Euro/MasterCard types of credit cards are accepted.


30% (thirty percent) of the client's hotel stay's price are due for prepayment upon booking, and the remaining 70% of the price are billed and due for payment at the front desk upon check-out, at the end of his/her stay at the Villa RG hotel.


Additional fees are billed and due for payment at the front desk upon check-out.


If the client notifies the Villa RG's staff of his/her cancellation request at least 15 (fifteen) days before arrival date, his/her reservation can be cancelled with no charge.

If the client notifies the Villa RG's staff of his/her cancellation request within less than 15 (fifteen) days before arrival date, then 10% (ten percent) of the total price from the cancelled hotel stay will be billed to the client.